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10 Steps You Must Take to Makes Smartphones and Tablets Safe for All Your Family!

Take charge of your safety and security whilst using mobile devices on the internet.

In this module, I will:

  • Explain the various mobile devices, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • Show why these devices are susceptible to threats similar but different to those you might experience on a PC and how to protect your device. 
  • Show you how to create a security policy for your mobile devices and how to secure your data in transit. 
  • Show you how to protect your devices against loss and theft, how to implement encryption and back up data. 
  • Finally, I will compare some of the mobile security vendors and provide you with a list of online information sources.


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10 Vital Steps You Must Take to Secure Your Small Business Network!

A course designed to keep you and your mobile device safe whilst browsing the web

In this module, I will

  • Describe how to embark on the way to network security, how to evaluate your specific network setup and plan the policies and procedures.
  • Show to choose some controls with a large cash outlay, outline what you could be liable for with control and how to build a secure network.
  • Discuss some of the important software and hardware such as anti-virus, firewalls, access controls and intrusion detection systems and how to secure your wireless networks. 
  • Tell you what to do when things go wrong and show you the security tools you shouldn’t be without and discuss best practices and some security websites. If you have commissioned a security consultant and will give you a list of questions you must ask.


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