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About Peter Barlow



I have worked within the IT Security industry for over 20 years and during my career have worked in senior management positions for some of the leading IT Security vendors.

My experience includes working with some of the world’s leading companies in the fields of Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Aviation, Government and Defence as well as in the Financial sector including successfully negotiating security-related contracts with The Pentagon in Washington.

During my career in IT Security or Cyber Security, I have amassed a knowledge of many technologies such as Anti Malware, Endpoint Security, Firewalls, Content Filtering, Authentication and Authorisation, Encryption, Data Leakage Prevention, Network Access Control, Cloud and Virtualisation.

I am recognised as one of Europe’s leading experts on Internet Security and regularly consult on all matters related to Internet Security for investment organisations and others.

My aim here is to provide simple step by step advice on how you can ensure safety and privacy when using your computing device, whether that be a PC, Tablet or Smartphone either as an individual or an organisation. I am aware of how this will seem like a minefield to the uninitiated and even to some experienced computer users so I want to provide the solutions in an easy to follow and understandable manner.



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