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10 Essential Actions to Make Internet Browsing, E-Mail and Social Media as Safe as Watching TV

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to protect yourself, your family and all your data from the threats that exist in the online community. Prevent cyber criminals from accessing or disrupting your data, whether through e-mail, social media or while using the internet. With this single purchase, you will have all the answers and safeguards you need without having to trawl other books or the internet for answers.


  • 1.  Online Vs Offline

    • Which e-mails are safe to open? How to choose a strong password? What information is safe to disclose?

  • 2.  Safety Precautions

    • Which e-mails are safe to open? How to choose a strong password? What information is safe to disclose?

  • 3.  How Online Sources Obtain Your Information

    • Where did they get my details? How can I protect myself? How do I ensure that my information is not widely available?

  • 4.  Internet Browsing

    • What security features does my browser have? What do they do? Which ones should I enable? How do I personalise my browser? How do I know if a website is secure? How do I navigate or search the internet?

  • 5.  Personal Information

    • What information can I safely disclose when online? What about photographs, videos? How do I use a webcam?

  • 6.  E-Mail

    • How do I set up an e-mail account? How do I access my e-mail? What e-mail client should I use? How do I send an e-mail? How do I access my e-mail when I am away from home? How do I include an attachment (photo, video document) in an e-mail I am sending?

  • 7.  Social Media

    • What is social media? Which social media site are suitable for me? How do create a social media account? What precautions do I need to take?

  • 8.  Entertainment

    • Games, music, videos, gambling, TV shows, movies. How do I safely access these? Are they free or are they subscription based? What is the difference? How do I ensure that the sites are secure?

  • 9.  Shopping   

    • How do I look for items to purchase? What sites are secure? What about auction sites? What are they and how do I use them? Are they safe? Can I use my credit card to buy items online or are there better methods? Can I sell items online?
  • 10.  Technology is a Friend

    • How to use technology to protect your information? What software programs are available for this and what do they do? Which one is best for me? What do the various malware terms mean? What does a firewall do? How do I set one up? 

Each system consists of a written step by step module and also a video tutorial.

The written module contains not only the steps but also screenshots, where necessary, to illustrate how to make necessary adjustments to your internet browser, e-mail etc. The product is downloadable only. There is no physical material such as a CD or DVD.

The box is purely for illustration purposes only - this is a digital download only.

All this for less than US $5

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For this low price, you will be furnishing yourself with all the knowledge needed to protect yourself and you family when browsing the internet, using e-mail or social media. No need to trawl the internet for advice on indibvidual aspects and the video turorial will provide you with real time step by step instructions on what to do. The guide and video turorial are yours to keep for easy reference if you forget anything.

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