This site is for any computer user (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) who is interested in Internet Security (Cyber Security) and wants to take steps to safeguard their personal information.


In today’s online world there are many cyber criminals whose sole purpose is to hack into people’s systems and gain access to their confidential data.


Criminals and hackers use methods such as phishing, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers and viruses to accomplish their tasks.

In my easy to follow systems,  I will show you what measures are necessary to defeat these criminals and how, by taking some simple steps, you can become more intuitive about your online security.

They will also provide tips on how to make your internet browsing experience more simple and secure.

Whilst the systems are designed around the Windows Operating System, many of the tips can equally be applied to other operating systems such as Mac, Chrome and Firefox.

The site also contains a regular update of the main stories concerning Cyber Security which you can also request in the form of a newsletter.

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Each system consists of a written step by step guide and also a video tutorial with a table of contents so you can watch whichever steps you want and easily return to the chapter you were viewing before.

So, to avoid the stress of being compromised, choose which product(s) you would like to purchase and I will give you the information to safeguard your devices in an easy to follow structure.




Available to download today - a simple and effective way to understand internet safety.

Written step by step guide with accompanying video tutorial.

Avoid hours of searching for the answers. All the information you need is right here.




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